Rounding Corners With PhotoshopAn easy way to round border edges in Adobe Photoshop.

In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can obtain smooth rounded corners in Adobe Photoshop.

Getting Started

Open up Photoshop and a create a new canvas that’s 800×600.

Next let’s draw a square and fill it with your color of choice on our empty layer.

Your canvas should now look something like this:

With your square still selected navigate in the application’s menu to Select > Modify > Smooth.

This window should popup:

For the purposes of getting the technique across, let’s just enter 5 pixels for the amount that we want to round for our border. Enter 5 and click OK.

At this point, you’ll notice that our square is still selected, but the selection now contains rounded edges.

In the application’s menu navigate to Select > Inverse and then press BACKSPACE to remove the corners of the square.

Your square should now have rounded corners and look like this:


You’ll probably want to tinker with how large of a radius you want to apply depending on what you’re working on.

If the edges are too rough you can play with blurring and other filters such as Outer Glow to produce a smoother effect on the rounded corners.

If you had any problems with this guide, or have a suggestion, please leave a comment.

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